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An image lives on forever. The image speaks, the image breathes, and the image endlessly encapsulates a moment in time. Photography allows you to cherish, celebrate and ultimately pass on a memory. Imagery is one of the most important things in your home and your life. Based in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Amy Bezek and AB Photography, LLC recognize the importance of your photos and diligently works to preserve this moment in its purest and most personal form.

After discovering photography as a child and developing a distinct passion for the art form, she began working professionally in 2004 for The Picture People. In 2014, she launched AB Photography and opened up her own studio. Crafting an environment that’s as cozy as it is captivating, she enables clients to become comfortable immediately, encouraging a relaxed mindset. “I want to set up a place where there’s no stress and guests can be relaxed,” she goes on. “It makes for an experience you want to repeat.”

She excels at everything from studio portraiture for families, individuals, and executives, to weddings, fine art, food, products and more. Inspired by the likes of Annie Leibovitz, Joe McNally, and Gregory Heisler, she channels her own style equally informed by the subject and the environment itself. Moreover, she creates stunning images juxtaposing light and flame with natural elements in her striking “Painting with Fire” photos, while the “Ghost Series” is as elegant as it is otherworldly.

Among many private clients, she’s been a go-to for the likes of Metz CulinaryCorcoran CommunicationsPerry Law FirmHotIgloo.netSmart Designs & GraphicsPizza Bella and many more.

Ultimately, with deep devotion and nearly two decades behind-the-lens, Amy captures images that last a lifetime and beyond.“I always want the client to be happy, firstly,” she leaves off. “I want the image to be something that they really can treasure. For me, it’s about building a connection that lasts longer than one session. These moments are sacred, and I’m honored to be a part of them.”


Amy Bezek

Owner and Master Photographer
Energetic, Creative, Passionate and Detail Oriented
Addicted to the Creative Arts and Live Music
Hopeful Romantic and Lover of All Species
Vegetarian, Pizza and Pickle Junkie, Loves Pineapple Juice
Enjoys Craft Beers, Dry Wines and Crown Vanilla
Travelholic, Nature Enthusiast and Naturalist
Believer in Karma and Justice
Loves God, Mother Goddess and the Universal Energy

Amanda James

Assistant Photographer
Visionary, Quick-Witted, Easy Going and Determined
Master Violinist
Nature Enthusiast and Avid Hiker
Cat Lover and Animal Rights Activist
Obsessed with Live Music
Enjoys Traveling and Addicted to the Mountains

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