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The camera is one of my favorite inventions. I would rather listen to music and create images than watch television. Don’t get me wrong, a great movie and fresh popcorn make me smile, but I consider the camera a time machine, capturing a fleeting moment in time, and preserving it so that it can be shared with those you love for the rest of your life, and beyond. Portraits carry emotion and memories, and can last multiple lifetimes. Photography can even be therapeutic and assist in an individual’s well-being. After a recent battle with breast cancer, I was able to reflect on the photographs I took while documenting this challenging experience, and how it impacts who I am today. I’ve learned that staying positive can get you through anything in life. I have a loving spirit that believes in hope and peace, and a positive energy that infects those around me. I feel gratitude that my positive vibrations inspire others to smile in my presence, and I believe this helps to capture the essence of who my clients really are when they see themselves reflected in this artform.

Photography is close to my heart and soul, and fills my spirit with love, joy and gratitude. The energy that comes with being creative is one of my favorite frequencies. I’m constantly mesmerized by the invention of the camera. I was addicted from the first moment I witnessed the magic of this medium as a high school student in the early 90’s, captivated by the science behind a blank piece of paper developing into an image after being placed in a chemical bath. Even after being in the profession for nearly two decades, I’m still blown away every day thinking about and experiencing first-hand the nuances of this medium.

My photography is a service to you, and I do my best to make sure that you have an uplifting experience.  Whether I’m photographing your family, capturing your child’s or pet’s personality, or photographing headshots to brand your company, the most important part of this experience is to have FUN! I’m super animated, a kid at heart and I would love to design beautiful wall art for your family or business. If you are looking for a photographer that has a skillset, creative vision, extensive knowledge in the industry and knows how to have fun, please contact me at amybezekphotography to set up your free consultation.

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